Here is what people are saying about Cathy:

"When you open the dictionary up to the word "inspirational", next to it you will find Cathy's picture! I have known Cathy for almost 16 years and each time we come into contact, I learn something new and walk away feeling motivated. Cathy had a tremendous career at Venturi Staffing Partners where we worked together for 8 years. She was a consistent exceptional performer turning in phenomenal results for every branch she ever managed. She continues to utilize her wonderful business savvy and inspirational leadership to help other companies achieve their objectives. Cathy is a professional colleague, a trusted advisor, and a dear friend and I proudly endorse her."
Annette Monks
President/General Manager of Carlton Staffing

"Using Cathy and the DiSC assessments gave me that "extra special sauce" to be the manager that I have always wanted to be for my team, I am more productive and am able to communicate better (and faster) than ever before. My team also works together better as a cohesive group, enjoying their co-workers, both for their commonalities as well as their differences. Performance reviews were a breeze this year! Thanks Cathy!!"
Sue Darrow
VP, Human Resources
Catapult Systems

"In the beginning of 2009 ATPE made a commitment to focus on improving the team’s over all communications skills. We set a goal to do the initial DiSC training for all employees before the year end and to continue DiSC training in the future for all new employees.  We accomplished that goal. Much of our ability to accomplish that goal has to do with Cathy Wodarski, our trainer. Cathy’s excellent training style; her ability to quickly assess the group she is training and alter her style to best fit the situation; and, her in-depth knowledge of DiSC and of the overall topic of communications made this possible. Additionally, Cathy has become “one of us.” Cathy really gets to know the team she is training and they trust her. That alone makes the training much more successful."
Liz Monaghan, SPHR
HR Director, ATPE

"She took the time to grow a relationship with me that no other staffing service had done.  When a staffing need arose, I tried her service and was thoroughly pleased with the professionalism of her team and the process.  Long story short, I loved what I experienced working with Cathy, her team, and never used any other service.  This was a very high-performance team that Cathy grew and nurtured.  Each member knew they were valued; therefore, they were all committed and loyal - to Cathy and their clients."
Jan L. Dunn
KPMG Austin

"Cathy Wodarski and I worked together for more than 12 years.  Cathy's pursuit of her goals in our company was truly remarkable and she consistently outperformed all the salespeople year after year.  Cathy was a strong role model for other sales people and continually grew her business and her network of contacts.  Cathy worked in several capacities in our company and on several occasions grew business from nothing to well above anyone's expectations! Cathy built loyal teams and did an exceptional job of hiring, coaching, and mentoring her staff throughout the years."
Helene Cavanaugh, Former Executive Director
Texas Association of Personnel Consultants (TAPC)

Thanks so much for working with my employee. She felt that your suggestions and coaching were very helpful to her. She said that your knowledge of the market was very beneficial, particularly since I am not as familiar with the Austin market. I would recommend your training to anyone in the staffing industry!
Sue Burnett
President of Burnett Staffing Specialists

We had a great time. I have had many people come to me and applaud your presentation.  Thank you once again for accommodating your schedule for our team.  I strongly believe the insight we all gained will help us grow and achieve success.
Viola Zimmerman
Controller - TMLT

I want to write you again for the excellent DiSC® program that you presented to my law firm.  Three months later, I am still seeing tangible results. First and foremost, each of us has a better appreciation of our strengths and weaknesses as members of a team.  We also have more insight into how we react to stress of working in a busy litigation practice.  Your ability to warmly and professionally present information assisted team members in identify areas that they needed to improve upon.  I look forward to working with you again in the near future as my firm continues to grow.
Barbara J. Aaby
Attorney at Law
Aaby Family Practice, Portland, OR

I have known Cathy Wodarski for about eight years and can truly say I consider her not only a business associate by a loyal and caring friend.  In her former role, Cathy would visit our company to offer the services of her staffing company.  I looked forward to her visits because she was so professional, never pushy, and genuinely concerned about our needs -- traits she also exhibits in her volunteer positions and professional relationships.  It has been a pleasure serving with Cathy for several years on the Board of the Austin Human Resource Management Association and watching her lead other volunteers in many successful events.  She is a wonderful role model and mentor and has the best customer service skills of anyone I've ever met.  The excitement she created in my own staff utilizing the DiSC® has lead us to invite her back to provide more workshops to other departments.
Gail A. Nichols, PHR Vice President,
HR/Administrative Services
Texas Medical Liability Trust  

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