Sales, Management & Leadership Coaching

Oh, the art of persuasion!  Sales!  We all sell every day but when you ask someone what it takes to be successful in their chosen field of sales, you may get a variety of different answers.  There is a proven formula for success and it starts with the right hire, training and accountability.  Having a sales coach will add to the performance of the sales team.  I have worked in the sales arena for over 30 years training and growing sales individuals to meet the objectives set by the company. 

  • Customized leadership programs
  • Sales cycle
  • Qualify, qualify
  • Fundamentals of the qualification process
  • Facts – Features – Benefits
  • Setting goals and making  it happen
  • Handling Objections
  • Learn how to read and respond to your customer’s style
  • Follow up – follow up!
  • Closing the sale